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Phase One

Initial Consultation

  • Establish time frames
  • Agency Services
  • Market conditions
  • Determine Market Price
  • Agency Relationship

Open Escrow

  • Coordinate opening of escrow
  • with Title agent
  • Order preliminary title report

Home Reports/Inspections

  • Natural Hazard Disclosure
  • EnviroCheck
  • CTD
  • Applicable Inspections (Home/Pest/Roof
  • Pool/ect.


  • TDS
  • Supplemental Seller Checklist
  • Data Base Disclosure
  • Insurance Disclosure
  • Mold Disclosure
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Phase Two


  • Enter on MLS
  • Send out office email notice
  • Schedule open house
  • Put property on Broker Tour
  • Order virtual tour
  • Order property flyers

Report/Disclosure Review

  • Read and review all reports and
  • disclosures to prepare for review with
  • client
  • Review reports and disclosures with
  • client

Review Offers

  • Review offers with Seller
  • Prepare counter offers
  • Verify Contingency periods
  • Verify loan rates with lender
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Phase Three

Initial Escrow Period

  • Submit contract to Escrow officer
  • Report pending sale to MLS
  • Confirm that buyer has received all
  • disclosures
  • Place sale pending sign on property
  • Record contingency dates
  • Coordinate buyer inspections

Transaction Review

  • Ensure all disclosure docs are signed properly
  • Ensure buyer has received all pertinent documents/reports
  • Confirm loan approval conditions and document delivery timelines

Contingency Removal

  • Review repair requests
  • Negotiate/Confirm repairs
  • Remove contingencies
  • Confirm move in date with buyers agent
  • Schedule final walkthrough
  • Change MLS status to DNS

Record/Transfer Title & Close Escrow

  • Review docs with Seller
  • Confirm sign off date
  • Final walkthrough
  • Key Exchange
  • Sign off
  • Escrow closed


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